Проект Альбом Год Издатель
Aesthetic Perfection All Beauty Destroyed 2011 Metropolis
Agonoize Wahre Liebe 2012 Out Of Line
Agonoize Assimilation: Chapter Two 1995 Out Of Line
Agonoize Sieben (2CDs) 2007 Out Of Line
Agonoize 999 2005 Out Of Line
Agonoize Evil Gets an Upgrade 2005 Out Of Line
Agonoize Hexakosioihexekontahexa (2DCs) 2009 Out Of Line
Allied Vision MMBO 2001 Intracraneal Possession
Allied Vision Unburied 1997 Zoth Ommog
Alphonce de Monftroyd Silence 2000 Nexsound
Am Inc Feuchte Hosen 2007 Pro-Noize
Andrey Kiritchenko Frequently Occuring Fault 2001 Nexsound
Apoptygma Berzerk Welcome to Earth 2000 Metropolis
Apoptygma Berzerk Harmonizer 2003 Warner
Activate Sin Psychology of the hateful Mind 2001  
Antistasis Anhtung Aetzend 2004 Sonic-X
Architect Upload Select Remix 2011 Hymen
Architect Mine 2013 Hymen
Architect Consume Adapt Create 2010 Hymen
Architect Lower Lip Interface 2007 Hymen
Architect, Sonic Area, Hologram We Are the Alchemists 2015 Ant-Zen
Autechre Tri Repetae 1995 Rough Trade
Autechre Amber 1994 Rough Trade
Brain Leisure Methods to Madness 2 CDs 2007 Vendetta Music
Birmingham 6 To Protect And Serve 1995 Hard Records
Birmingham 6 Error Of Judgement 1997 Zoth Ommog
Birmingham 6 You Cannot Walk Here 1996 Hard Records
Birmingham 6 Mixed Judjements 1998 CDR (Hard Records)
Birmingham 6 Resurrection 1999 Cop International
Birmingham 6 Assassinate 1995 Cleopatra
Blac Kolor Born in Ruins 2016 Basic Unit
Black Lung Profound and Sentimental Journey 2001 Ant-Zen
Black Lung & Xingu Hill The Andronechron Incident 1999 Ant-Zen
C-Tec Cut 2000 Synthetic Symphony
C-Tec Darker 1997 Wax Trax
Chainreactor Mass Driver 2014 ProNoize
Chainreactor X-Tinction 2009 ProNoize
Chainreactor The Silence & The Noise 2013 ProNoize
Сhainreactor Insomniac 2011 ProNoize
Clawfinger Dumb Deaf Blind 1993 Warner
Clawfinger Clawfinger 1997 Warner
Clawfinger Use Your Brain 1995 Warner
Clawfinger Warfair 1993 Warner
Clawfinger Nigger 1993 Warner
Clawfinger Pin Me Down 1995 Warner
Clawfinger Biggest & The Best 1997 Warner
Cleen Designed Memories 1997 Zoth Ommog
Cleen Second Path 2000 Metropolis
Cobalt 60 If I Was 1996 Edel Records
Cobalt 60 Twelve 1998 Edel Records
Cobalt 60 Born Again 1996 Edel Records
Cobalt 60 Elemental 1996 Edel Records
Collapsed System Berlin 2007 1996 Zoth Ommog
Combichrist Throat Full of Glass 2011 OutOfLine
Combichrist Never Surrender 2010 OutOfLine
Combichrist Heat EP: All Pain is Beat 2009 OutOfLine
Combichrist Frost EP: Sent to Destroy 2009 OutOfLine
Combichrist What the Fuck is Going on with you People (2CDs) 2008 OutOfLine
Combichrist Today we are all Demons (2CDs) 2008 OutOfLine
Combichrist Get Your Body Beat 2006 OutOfLine
Combichrist Everybody Hates You 2004 OutOfLine
Combichrist Sex, Drogen und Industrial 2004 OutOfLine
Combichrist The Joy of Gunz 2003 OutOfLine
Converter Expansion Pack 2002 Ant-Zen
Converter Expansion Pack 2 2005 Ant-Zen
Converter Exit Ritual 2003 Ant-Zen
Converter Converter, Asche, Morgenstern, Erode   Ant-Zen
Converter Blast Furnace 2000 Ant-Zen
Converter Shock Front 1999 Ant-Zen
Coptic Rain Dies Irea 1993 Dynamica
Controlled Bleeding Night Shadows/Hymn From The Shadows 1996 Fasr Forward
Controlled Bleeding Penetration 1992 Third Mind
Controlled Bleeding The Drowing   Semaphore
Controlled Fusion Unnatural Causes 1996 Cleopatra
Controlled Fusion Incubation Time 1998 Zoth Ommog
Covenant Last Dance 2013 Dependent
Covenant Lightbringer 2011 Synthetic Symphony
Covenant Modern Ruin (2CDs) 2011 Synthetic Symphony
Covenant Ritual Noise 2006 Synthetic Symphony
Covenant The united states of mind 2000 Dependent
Covenant Dreams Of a Cryotank 1995 OffBeat
Covenant Bullet 2002 Sony Music
Covenant Sequenser 1996 OffBeat
Covenant Final Man 1998 OffBeat
Covenant Call the Ships to Port 2002 Epic
Covenant Europa 1998 SubSpace
Covenant Euro EP 1998 OffBeat
Covenant Nothern Light 2002 Sony Music
Covenant Der Leiermann 2000 Dependent
Covenant Skyshaper (2CDs) 2006 Synthetic Symphony
Cubanate Barbarossa 1996 Dynamica
Cubanate Antimatter   Dynamica
Cubanate Interference 1997 Zoth Ommog
Cubanate Cyberia 1994 Dynamica
Cyberaktif Tenebrae Vision 1990 WaxTrax!
Cyberaktif Temper 1989 WaxTrax!
Cyber-Tec Let Your Body Die 1995 Cyber-Tec
Cyclotimia Algorithms 2008 Rage in Edem
Dance Or Die Nostradamnation 2CDs 2011 Out of Line
Dance Or Die Dehumanizer 1998  
Dance Or Die Time Zero 1994 Machinery
Dance Or Die Psychoburbians Berlin 89 - New York 93 1993 Machinery
Dance Or Die Everspring 1995 Machinery
Dance Or Die Psychoburbia 1993 Machinery
Dance Or Die 3001 1991 Machinery
Dance Or Die Relationshit 1997 Polydor
Dark Illumination Dead Planet 2001 Bloodline
Das Ich Cabaret 2006 Massacre Records
Das Ich Egodram 1998 Facedown
Das Ich Lava Asche 2004 Massacre Records
Das Ich Stigma 1994 Dance Macabre
Das Ich Re_Laborat Re_Animat 1999 Dance Macabre
Das Ich Feuer 1995 Dance Macabre
Das Ich & Atrocity Die Liebe 1995 Massacre
Das Ich Satanische Verse 1993 Dance Macabre
Das Ich Egodram 1998 Edel
David Thrussel The Voices of Reason 2001 Ant-Zen
DBS/R4 Split Release   Fusion
Deathless Nondeathless 1995 Warner
Deathless Anhedonia 1992 Warner
Delerium Forms, And Illusions 1989 Dossier
Delerium Stone Tower 1991 Dossier
Delerium Karma 1997 Dossier
Delerium Semantic Spaces 1994 Dossier
Delerium Morpheus 1990 Dossier
Delerium Spheres II 1994 Dossier
Delerium Spiritual Archives 1996 Dossier
Depeche Mode Should be Higher 2013 Sony
Depeche Mode Policy of Truth 1999 Mute
Depeche Mode Walking in My Shoes 1993 Mute
Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe 2009 Mute
Depeche Mode Enjoy the Silence 04 2004 Mute
Depeche Mode Black Celebration


Depeche Mode Violator


Depeche Mode Some Great Reward


Depeche Mode Exciter


Depeche Mode Playing The Angel


Depeche Mode Martyr 2006 Mute
Depeche Mode Remixes 81-04 2004 Mute
Depeche Mode I Feel You 1993 Mute
Depeche Mode Ultra 1997 Mute
Depeche Mode It's no Good 1997 Mute
Depeche Mode Music for the Masses   Mute
Depeche Mode Songs of Faith and Devotion   Mute
Destroid Silent World EP 2010 Scanner
Destroid Future Prophesies 2006 Out of Line
Deutsch Nepal Mort aux vaches   Staalplaat
Diary of Dreams One of 18 Angels 2000 Accession
Diary of Dreams Giftraum 2004 Accession
Diary of Dreams Ego:X (2CDs) 2011 Accession
Diary of Dreams Freak Perfume 2002 Accession
Diary of Dreams Dream Collector 2003 Accession
Diary of Dreams King of Nowhere 2009 Accession
Diary of Dreams (If)+G(if)t 2Cds 2009 Accession
Diary of Dreams The Plague 2007 Accession
Diary of Dreams Nekrolog 43 2007 Accession
Diary of Dreams Amok 2002 Accession
Diary of Dreams End of Flowers 1996 Accession
Diary of Dreams Bird Without Wings 1994 Accession
Diary of Dreams Cholymelan 1994 Accession
Diary of Dreams Alive 2005 Accession
Diary of Dreams MenschFeind 2004 Accession
Diary of Dreams Nigredo 2004 Accession
Die Krupps Risikofaktor 2012 Synthetic Symphony
Die Krupps Volle Kraft Null Acht 2008 Synthetic Symphony
Die Krupps Fire 1997 Rough Trade
Die Krupps Entering The Arena 1985 Rough Trade
Die Krupps Isolation 1995 Rough Trade
Die Krupps Bloodsuckers 1994 Rough Trade
Die Krupps Fatherland 1993 Rough Trade
Die Krupps Volle Kraft Voraus 1982 Rough Trade
Die Krupps Stahlwerksinfonie 1981 Rough Trade
Die Krupps Crossfire 1994 Rough Trade
Die Krupps Metamorphosis of Die Krupps 1997 Cleopatra
Die Krupps Die Krupps III Odissey Of the Mind 1995 Rough Trade
Die Krupps Die Krupps II Final Option 1993 Rough Trade
Die Krupps Die Krupps I 1992 Rough Trade
Die Krupps To the Hilt 1993 Rough Trade
Die Krupps A Tribute To Metallica 1992 Rough Trade
Die Krupps Paradise Now 1997 Rough Trade
Die Krupps The Final Remixes 1994 Rough Trade
Die Krupps 91-81 Past Forward 1991 Mute
Din_Fiv Escape to Reality 2000 Metropolis
Dismantled Whole Wide World 2012 Metropolis
Dismantled When I'm Dead 2007 Depenednt
Dismantled The War Inside Me 2011 Dependent
Dismantled Thanks for Everything 2006 Dependent
Dismantled Standard Issue 2006 Dependent
Dismantled Exit 2003 Dependent
Dismantled Dystopia 2002 Dependent
Dismantled Breed to Death 2005 Dependent
Dismantled Dismantled 2002 Dependent
Dive vs. Diskonnekted Frozen 2006 Alfa Matrix
Dive Two Faced Man 1999 Daft Records
Dive Final Report 1991 Minus Habens
Dive Live Action 1992 Daft Records
Dive Extended Play 1994 Discordia
Dive Concrete Gungle 1993 Minus Habens
Dive First Album 1992 Minus Habens
Dive No Pain - No Game 1994 Discordia
Dive Behind The Sun 2004 Daft Records
Dive True Lies 1999 Daft Records
Dive Lies in Your Eyes 2003 Daft Records
Dive/Controlled Bleeding Night Shadows/Glow In The Dark 1996 Fast Forward
Download Furnace 1995 Cleopatra
Download Microscopic 1996 Cleopatra
Download The Eyet Of Stanley Pain 1996 Nettwerk
Download III 1997 OffBeat
Download Sidewinder 1996 Nettwerk
Eisbrecher Antikörper 2006 Dancing Ferret Discs
Eisbrecher Sünde 2008 AFM Records
E.C.M. (Electronic Counter Measures) Ambivalence 1996 Zott Ommog
FabrikC Widerstand 2011 Pro-Noize
FabrikC Impulsgeber 2007 Pro-Noize
FabrikC Gleichstrom 2005 Pro-Noize
Fear Factory Demanufacture 1997 Roadrunner
Fear Factory Soul of a New Machine 1992 Roadrunner
Fear Factory Fear is the Mindkiller 1993 Roadrunner
Fear Factory Remanifacture (Cloning Technology) 1997 Roadrunner
Fear Factory Obsolete 1998 Roadrunner
Fear Factory Dog Day Sunrise 1995 Roadrunner
First Humah Ferro Metaballistik: The Voyeur and his Red Insekts 2001 Soulworm
First Humah Ferro The Halo Over Pontiff's Hearse 1998  
Fixmer/McCarthy Between The Devil.. 2004 Synthetic Symphony
Flesh Field Strain 2004 Dependent
Forma Tadre Navigator 1996 OffBeat
Front 242 Rhythm of Time 1991 RRE
Front 242 Moments 1 (2CDs) 2008 Alpha Matrix
Front 242 Still & Raw 2003 XIII Bis
Front 242 Catch the Man (DVD) 2005 Alfa Matrix
Front 242 Pulse 2003 XIII Bis
Front 242 Mut@ge, Mix@ge 1995 RRE
Front 242 Official Version 1991-92 1992 RRE
Front 242 Backcatalogue 1981-85 1992 Epic
Front 242 Tragedy For You 1992 RRE
Front 242 Masterhit 1987 RRE
Front 242 Headhunter 1988 RRE
Front 242 Tyranny For You 1991 Epic
Front 242 Angels Versus Animals 1993 RRE
Front 242 Geography 1992 BIEM
Front 242 Frony by Front 1992 Sony Music
Front 242 No Comment 1992 Sony Music
Front 242 Up Evil 1993 RRE
Front 242 Two In One   RRE
Front 242 Interception   RRE
Front 242 Religion 1993 RRE
Front 242 Never Stop   RRE
Front 242 Live Code 1994 RRE Records
Front 242 Off 1993 RRE
Front 242 Re:boot 1998 Metropolis
Front 242 Mixed by Fear 1989 RRE
Front Line Assembly Echogenetic 2013 Dependent
Front Line Assembly AirMech 2012 Dependent
Front Line Assembly Angriff (Remix) 2011 Dependent
Front Line Assembly Shifting Through the Lens 2010 Dependent
Front Line Assembly Improvised Electronic Device 2010 Dependent
Front Line Assembly Fallout 2007 Metropolis
Front Line Assembly Artificial Soldier 2006 Metropolis
Front Line Assembly Monument 1998 Roardunner
Front Line Assembly Vanished 2004 Synthetic Symphony
Front Line Assembly Maniacal 2003 Synthetic Symphony
Front Line Assembly Plasticity 1996 OffBeat
Front Line Assembly Everything must Perish 2001 Metropolis
Front Line Assembly Caustic Grip 1992 Third Mind
Front Line Assembly Gashed Senses & Crossfire 1989 Third Mind
Front Line Assembly Live Wired (2CD and video) 1996 OffBeat
Front Line Assembly Colombian Necktie 1998 OffBeat
Front Line Assembly FLAvour Of The Weak 1997 OffBeat
Front Line Assembly Convergence 1988 Third Mind
Front Line Assembly State Of Mind 1988 Dossier
Front Line Assembly Corroded Disorder 1996 Cleopatra
Front Line Assembly Reclamation 1997 Roadrunner
Front Line Assembly Tactical Neural Implant 1992 Third Mind
Front Line Assembly Total Terror Pt. 2 1994 Cleopatra
Front Line Assembly Circuitry Disc 2 1995 OffBeat
Front Line Assembly Circuitry Disc 1 (+CD-Rom) 1995 OffBeat
Front Line Assembly Hard Wired 1995 OffBeat
Front Line Assembly Millenium 1994 Roadrunner
Front Line Assembly Millenium (single) 1994 Roadrunner
Front Line Assembly Mindphaser 1992 Third Mind
Front Line Assembly The Initial Command 1987 KkRecords
Front Line Assembly Total Terror Pt. 1 1986 Cleopatra
Front Line Assembly The Blade 1992 Third Mind
Front Line Assembly Four Fit 1998 Zoth Ommog
Front Line Assembly Re-Wind (2CDs) 1998 OffBeat
Front Line Assembly Implode 1999 Zoth Ommog
Front Line Assembly Epitaph 2001 Metropolis
Feindflug Im Visier 1999 Black Rain
Feindflug 1 St g3 (Phase 2) 2003 Black Rain
Feindflug Volk und Armee 2005 Black Rain
Godflesh Streetcleaner 1989 Earache
Godflesh Pure 1992 Earache
Godflesh Godflesh 1990 Earache
Godflesh Selfless 1994 Earache
Godflesh Love and Hate in Dub 1997 Earache
Godflesh Merciless 1993 Earache
Godflesh Cold World 1992 Earache
Godflesh Songs Of Love and Hate 1993 Earache
Golova 278 Golova 278 2000 Nexsound
Halo-Gen Halo-Gen 1999 Metropolis
Haujobb Blendwerk 2015 Basic Unit
Haujobb New World March (2CDs) 2012 Basic Unit
Haujobb Homes & Gardens v2 (2CDs) 2009 Dependent
Haujobb Dead Market 2011 Basc Unit
Haujobb Eye Over You 1993 OffBeat
Haujobb Cleaned Visions 1996 OffBeat
Haujobb Less   Metropolis
Haujobb Penetration 2002 Metropolis
Haujobb Matrix (2CD) 1997 OffBeat
Haujobb Homes & Gardens 1993 OffBeat
Haujobb Freeze Frame Reality 1995 OffBeat
Haujobb Frames (remix CD) 1995 OffBeat
Haujobb Solutions For a small Planet 1996 OffBeat
Haujobb Ninetynine 1999 Access
Haujobb Ninetynine Remixes 2000 Access
Haujobb Vertical Theory 2003 Out of Line
Haujobb Polarity 2001 Access
HMB Great Industrial Love Affairs   Flatline
Hyperdex-1-Sect Metachrome 1996 Synthetic Symphony
Icon of Coil Machines are Us 2003 Metropolis
Icon of Coil Shallow Nation 2000 Tatra
Icon of Coil Uploaded and Remixed 2004 Metropolis
Icon of Coil The Soul is in the Software 2002 Tatra
Icon of Coil Serenity is the Devil 2001 Tatra
In Strict Confidence Utopia 2CDc 2012 ZYX Music
In Strict Confidence Silver Bullets 2010 Minuswelt
In Strict Confidence La Parade Monstueuse 2CDs 2010 Minuswelt
In Strict Confidence Zauberschloss 2000 Minuswelt
In Strict Confidence Engelsstaub 2003 Minuswelt
In Strict Confidence Exile Paradise 2006 Minuswelt
In Strict Confidence Where Sun and Moon Unite 2006 Minuswelt
In Strict Confidence Babylon 2004 Minuswelt
In Strict Confidence Kiss Your Shadow 2001 Bloodline
In Strict Confidence Holy 2004 Minuswelt
In Strict Confidence Holy (the HECQ Destruxxian) 2004 Minuswelt
In Strict Confidence Cryogenix 1996 Zoth Ommog
In Strict Confidence Face the Fear 1998 Zoth Ommog
In Strict Confidence Mistrust the Angels   Minuswelt
In Strict Confidence Seven Lives 2004 Minuswelt
In Strict Confidence The Truth Inside of Me 3"   Minuswelt
In Strict Confidence Love Kills! 2000 Minuswelt
In Strict Confidence Herzattacke 2002 Minuswelt
In Slaughter Natives In Slaughter Natives 1988-90 Cold Meat Industry
In Slaughter Natives Recollection 2002 CMI
In Slaughter Natives Mort aux vaches   Staalplaat
Inanna Storm I-III 1993 OEC
KiEw Mental [Per]Mutation 2010 Out Of Line
KiEw Visite 2006 Out Of Line
KiEw Feierabend 2004 Out Of Line
KiEw Exit 72 2005 Out Of Line
KiEw Audiotherapy (CD+DVD) 2005 Out Of Line
KiEw Diskette 2003 Out Of Line
KiEw Divergent 2001 Out Of Line
KLOQ Move Forward 2008 Out Of Line
KLOQ We're Just Physical 2008 Out Of Line
Klinik Time / Plague 1990 Hands
Klinik Eat your Heart out 2013 Out Of Line
Klinik Sonic Surgery 2002 Hands
Klinik Live at Wave Gothic Treffen 2004 2004 Hands
Klinik Awake 1996 OffBeat
Klinik Blanket Of Fog 1998 OffBeat
Klinik Dark Surgery 2004 Hands
Klute Excluded 1993 Cleopatra\Z.Ommog
Klute Excepted 1997 Ccleopatra
KlutAE Roadkill 2006 Alfa-Matrix
KlutAE Hit'n'Run 2006 Alfa-Matrix
KMFDM A tribute to 2000 Cleopatra
KMFDM Nihil 1995 Wax Trax!
KMFDM Angst 1993 Wax Trax!
KMFDM Brute 1995 Wax Trax!
KMFDM Rules 1996 Wax Trax!
KMFDM MDFMK 1998 Wax Trax!
KMFDM Naive: Hell To Go 1994 Wax Trax!
KMFDM Uaioe 1989 Wax Trax!
KMFDM What Do you Know, Deutschland? 1988 Wax Trax!
KMFDM Symbols 1997 Wax Trax!
KMFDM Xtort 1996 Wax Trax!
KMFDM Money 1992 Wax Trax!
KMFDM Don't Blow Your Top 1988 Wax Trax!
KMFDM Adios 1999 Wax Trax!
Komor Kommando Oil - Steel & Rhytm (2CDs) 2011 Alfa Matrix
Komor Kommando Das EP 2009 Alfa Matrix
Kotra Stir Mesh 2001 Nexsound
Kotra Tek 2001 Kotra
Laibach Iron Sky 2012 Mute
Laibach Volk 2006 Mute
Laibach Das Spiel Ist Aus 2004 Mute
Laibach Tanz mit Laibach 2003 Mute
Laibach WAT 2004 Mute
Laibach Drovana M.B. 21.December 1984 OB 2OH   Mute
Laibach Laibach 1982 Mute
Laibach Lubljana-Zagreb-Beograd 1982 Mute
Laibach Kapital 1992 Mute
Laibach NATO 1994 OffBeat
Laibach Let It Be 1988 Mute
Laibach Opus Dei 1987 Mu te
Laibach Jesus Christ Superstars 1996 Mute
Laibach Nova Akropola 1988 Cherry Red Rec.
Laibach Sympathy For The Devil 1988 Mute
Laibach Macbeth 1989 Mute
Laibach Final Countdown 1994 Mute
Laibach Jesus Christ Superstar/God is God 1996 Mute
Laibach Wirtschaft ist tot 1992 Mute
Laibach Across the Universe 1998 Mute
Leather Strip Serenade for the Dead 1994 Zoth Ommog
Leaether Strip AEftershock 2006 Alfa-Matrix
Leaether Strip After The Devastation (2CDs) 2006 Alfa-Matrix
Leaether Strip Carry Me 2000 Metropolis
Leaether Strip Yes I'm Limited vol. II   Metropolis
Leaether Strip Yes I'm Limited vol. III   Zoth Ommog
Leaether Strip The Rebirth of Agony 1997 Cleopatra
Leaether Strip Underneath The Laughter 1994 Cleopatra
Leaether Strip Self Inflicted 1996 Zott Ommog
Lethargy In-Macula 2003 Flames Records
Lethargy In-Macula Remixes 2003 Flames Records
Lull / Origami Arktika Brook 2001 Fario
Marilyn Manson The Golden Age of Grotesque 2003 Nothing/Interscope
Marilyn Manson Lest We Forget 2004 Interscope
Marita Schreck Disco Grammophon 2011 Zone 30
Ministry Psalm 69 1992 Warner
Ministry Twitch 1985  
Ministry In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (Live) 1990 Warner
Ministry Burning Brains 1994  
Ministry The Fall/Reload 1995 Warner
Ministry The Land of Rape and Honey 1988 Warner
Ministry The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste 1989 Warner
Ministry Lay Lady Lay 1996 Warner
Ministry Filthpig 1996 Warner
Mlada Fronta Oxydes+Remixes 2002 Parametric
Mlada Fronta Fe2O3 2002 M-Tronic
Mlada Fronta High Tension 2000 Flatline
Monolith Domination 2016 Hands
Monolith Crashed 2014 Hands
The Mo'Glass Когда все звери жили, как добрые соседи 2002 Nexsound
Nihil Est Excellellense + The Mo'Glass Split   2002 Nexsound
Nachtmahr Semper Fidelis 2011 Trisol
Nachtmahr Katharsis 2008 Trisol
Nachtmahr Feuer Frei 2008 Trisol
Nachtmahr Alle Lust will Ewigkeit 2009 Trisol
Napalmed Never mind the MSBR 2002 Epidemie Records
Nebula-H H20 CD/DVD 2004 Alfa Matrix
Newt 37 oC 1998  
Neuroactive Neuron 1995 Cyberware Prod.
New Mind zero to the bone 1995 Cyber Tec
Nihil Est Excellellense Defect Analysts 2002 Nexsound
Nihil Est Excellellense -i 1999 Nexsound
Nihil Est Excellellense Nex Bot 2000 Nexsound
Nihil Est Excellellense ...   Nexsound
Nihil Est Excellellense + The Mo'Glass Split   2002 Nexsound
Nitzer Ebb KickIt (3MCDs) 1995 Mute
Nitzer Ebb Body of Work (2CDs) 2006 Mute
Nitzer Ebb Body Rework Remixes 2006 Mute
Nitzer Ebb Big Hit 1995 Mute
NItzer Ebb Showtime 1990 Mute
NItzer Ebb That Total Age 1987 Mute
Noisuf-X Warning 2013 ProNoize
Noisuf-X Ded End District (2CDs) 2011 ProNoize
Noisuf-X Voodoo Ritual 2009 ProNoize
Noisuf-X Excessive Exposure (2CDs Boxset) 2010 ProNoize
Noisuf-X The Beauty of Destruction 2007 ProNoize
Noisuf-X Tinnitus 2006 ProNoize
Noisuf-X Antipode 2005 Pronoize
Noise Unit Respobse Frequency 1990 Antler Subway
Noise Unit Drill 1996 OffBeat
Noise Unit Voyeur 2005 Metropolis
Noise Unit Grinding Into Emptiness 1989 Wax Trax
Noise Unit dEcodEr 1995 Dossier
Numb Christmeister 1990 ArtLively
Numb Numb 1987 Metropolis
Numb Wasted Sky 1994 KK Records
Numb Fixate 1993 KK Records
Numb Language of Silence   Zoth Ommog
Numb Blood Meridian 1997 Metropolis
NVMPH Nuclear 45 is Dead 2001 Bloodline
NVMPH Diod Man 2006 Infacted
Ohm Ohm 2013 ArtOfFact
Oomph! Wahrheit oder Pflicht 2004 Supersonic Records
Oomph! GlaubeLiebeTod 2006 GUN Records
Oomph! Monster (CD+DVD) 2008 Gun Records
Oomph! Brennende Liebe Featuring L'ame Immortelle 2004 BMG
Oomph! Delikatessen (2CDs) 2006 Sony/BMG
Oomph! Wunsckind 1995 Dynamica
Oomph! Ice Goffin 1995 Dynamica
Oomph! Defekt 1995 Dynamica
Oomph! Sperm 1993 Dynamica
Oomph! Unrein 1997 Virgin
Oomph! Oomph! 1992 Machinery
Oomph! Plastik 1999 Virgin
Painbastard Borderline 2007 Accession Records
Painbastard Nyctophobia 2007 Accession Records
Pain Station Anxiety 1996 Decibel
Pain Station Dead is Dead 2001 COP International
Pain Station Cold   COP International
Pain Station Disjoined 1999 COP International
P.A.L Release 1999 Ant-Zen
P.A.L Signum 1995 Ant-Zen
P.A.L Modus 2005 Ant-Zen
Panasonic Kulma   Mute
Panzer AG This is my Battlefield 2005 Accession
Pierrepoint Idolized 1997 Celtic Circle Productions
Pierrepoint Deleted Tracks from the Earth 2000 Pro-Noize
Pierrepoint Noizefloor 2001 Pro Noize
Pierrepoint Technoid Beats ofr a Paradox Movement 2000 Pro Noize
Pitch Shifter Industrial 1991 Peacevill
Pitch Shifter Desensitized 1993 Earache
Pitch Shifter Pitch Shifter vs Biohazard 1994 Earache
Pitch Shifter Submit 1992 Earache
Pitch Shifter Infotainment? (+CD-ROM data) 1996 Earache
Pitch Shifter www.pitchshifter.com 1998 Geffen
Plastikman Artifakts (bc) 1998 Novamute
Plastikman Consumed 1998 Novamute
Prisoner of Flesh   1999 Soulworm
Pro-Tech Orbiting Cathedrals 2000 Hypnotic
Prong Rude Awakening 1996 Sony Music
Prong Beg To Differ 1990 Sony Music
Prong Cleansing 1994 Sony Music
Prong Primitive Origins 1987 Sony Music
Prong Prove You Wrong 1991 Sony Music
Psychopomps First Blood 1995 Zoth Ommog
Psychopomps In The Skin 1995 Cleopatra
Psychopomps Assasins DK United 1994 Cleopatra\Z.Ommog
Psychopomps Six Six SixNights In Hell 1995 Cleopatra
Psychopomps Pro-Death Ravers 1993 Cleopatra
Raison D'Etre The Empty Hollow Unfolds   Cold Meat Industrtry
Razed in Black Overflow 1997 Cleopatra
Rammstein Made In Germany 1995-2011 2011 Universal
Rammstein Mann Gegen Mann 2005 Universal
Rammstein Sonne 2001 Motor
Rammstein Vater Remixes 2002  
Rammstein Live aus Berlin 1999 Universal
Rammstein Rosenrot 2005 Universal
Rammstein Mutter 2001 Motor
Rammstein Liebe ist für Alle da 2009 Pilgrim
Rammstein Herzeleid 1995 Motor
Rammstein Sehnsucht 1997 Motor
Rammstein Du Hast 1997 Motor
Rammstein Engel (fan edition) 1997 Motor
Rammstein Do reichst so gut 1995 Motor
Rammstein Do reichst so gut' 98 1998 Motor
Rammstein Seeman 1996 Motor
Rammstein Das Modell 1997 Motor
Rammstein Engel 1997 Motor
Reaper Der Schnitter 2015 Infacted
Reaper Hell Starts With an H 2007 Infacted
Reaper The Devil Is Female 2007 Infacted
Reaper Dirty Cash 2010 Infacted
Retractor The False Memory 2008 Infacted
Retrosic Nightcrawler (s CDs) 2006 Tribune Records
Retrosic The God Of Hell 2005 Metropolis
Rotersand Waiting to be Born 2010 Trisol
Rotersand Random is Resistance 2009 Trisol
Rotersand War on Error 2009 Trisol
Rotersand I Cry (CD+DVD) 2008 Trisol
Rotersand 1023 2007 Dependent
Rotersand Dare to Live 2006 Dependent
Rotersand Merging Oceans 2003 Endless Records
Rotersand Exterminate Annihilate Destroy 2005 Dependent
Rotersand Welcome to Goodbye 2005 Dependent
Rotersand Electronic World Transmission 2004 Dependent
S.A.M. Synthetic Adrenaline Music 2006 ProNoize
S.A.M. Destruction Unit 2008 ProNoize
S.A.M. Brainwasher 2010 ProNoize
S.K.E.T. Baikonur 2006 Hands
Sabotage Q.C.Q.C. Acoustic Costumes 1998 NightBreed Rec
Sabotage Q.C.Q.C. Sexploitation Cinema 1996 Spin Records
Scandy 13 Ways to Masturbate 2006 Masterhit
Scorn List of Takers 2004 Vivo Records
Scorn Zander 1996 Invisible
Scorn Vae Solis 1992 Earache
Scorn Colossus   Earache
Scorn Logghi Baroghi 1996 Earache
Scorn Gyral 1995 Earache
Scorn White Irises Blind 1997 Earache
Scorn Imaginaria Award EP 2000 Hymen
Scorn Governor 2002 Hymen
Scorn Greetings from Birmingham 2000 Hymen
Sidhartha Spheres 1999 Nexsound
Sidhartha Mouse Clicking 2000 Nexsound
Sidhartha Untitled 2001 Nexsound
Skrew Shadow Of Doubdt 1996 Metal Blade Rec
Skrew   1994 Metal Blade Rec
Skrew Dusted 1994 Metal Blade Rec
Signs Ov Chaos Frankenscience 1996 Earache
SITD Icon:Koru 2013 Accession
SITD Dunkelziffer 2CDs 2014 Scanner
SITD Bestie:Mensch 2007 Accession
SITD Kreuzgang 2007 Accession
SITD Snuff EP 2003 Accession
SITD Laucghingstock 2003 Accession
SITD Richtfest 2005 Accession
SITD Coded Message:12 2005 Accession
Spetsnaz For Generations to Come 2013 Scanner
Spetsnaz Grand Design Re-Designed 2003 Out Of Line
Spetsnaz Hardcore Hooligans 2006 Out Of Line
Spetsnaz Totalitär 2006 Out Of Line
Spetznaz Perfect Body 2004 Out Of Line
Spetsnaz Degenerate Ones 2005 Out Of Line
Snog Babes in Consumerland 2013 Metropolis
Snog Real Estate Man Plus 2005 Hymen
Snog Corporate Slave 1992 Machinery
Snog Shop 1992 Machinery
Snog Dear Valued Customer 1994 Machinery
Snog Third Mall from the Sun 1999 Hymen
Snog Lies Inc. 1992 Machinery
Snog Buy me... I'll change your life 1998  
Snog Born to Be Mild 1993 Machinery
Snog I Snog Therefore I am... 1998 Hymen (2 cds)
Snog Relax Into The Abyss 2000 Hymen
Sonar Cut us up 2012 Ant-Zen
Sonar Sonar vs. Muslimgause 1998 Daft Records
Sonar Volt Control 2003 Daft Records
Sonar Overdose Simulation 1998 Daft Records
Sonar Remote Assault 2000 Daft Records
Sonar Sonar 1996 Daft Records
Sonar Alien Overdrive 2007 Ant-Zen
Soman Re:Up 2008 Infacted
Soman Unleash 2005 Infacted
Soman Sound Pressure 2004 Out Of Line
Soman Revenge 2004 Out of Line
Soman Mask 2007 Out of Line
Sona Eact Chrome Injected Car Crash Rtythm Box 2003 ProNoize
Sona Eact Engine Works Inc. 2000 ProNoize
Stalin:Vater Unser Schwarzer Müll 1999 Strange Ways
Stigma Putrefaction Taste   Daft Records
Synaesthesia Desideratum 1992 Hypnotic
Substaat Macht 2014 Dance Macabre
Substaat Substate 2011 Danse Macabre
Suicide Commando Die Mothefucker Die 2009 Out Of Line
Suicide Commando Attention Whore 2012 Out Of Line
Suicide Commando When Evil Speaks (2CDs +When Hate Prevails) 2013 Out Of Line
Suicide Commando Unterwelt 2013 Out Of Line
Suicide Commando The Suicide Sessions 2013 Out Of Line
Suicide Commando Death Cures All Pain 2010 Out Of Line
Suicide Commando Implements of Hell (2CDs) 2010 Out Of Line
Suicide Commando X.20 1986-2006 (DVD+3CDs) 2006 Mindbase
Suicide Commando Bind, Torture, Kill 2Cds 2006 Dependent
Suicide Commando Hellraiser 2000 Dependent
Suicide Commando Axis of Evil 2003 Dependent
Suicide Commando Godsend 2005 Dependent
Suicide Commando Love Breeds Suicide 2001 Dependent
Suicide Commando Construct Destruct 1998 OffBeat
Suicide Commando Cause of Death 2004 Dependent
Suicide Commando Stored Images 1995 Offeat
Suicide Commando Mindstrip 2000 Dependent
Suicide Commando Critical Stage   OffBeat
The Remix Assault 16 Volt vs Hate Dept 1997 OffBeat
The Remix Assault FLA vs. Die Krupps 1996 OffBeat
Velvet Acid Christ Lust for Blood 2006 Metropolis
Velvet Acid Christ The Art of Breaking Apart 2009 Dependend
Velvet Acid Christ Maldire 2012 Dependend
Velvet Acid Christ Wound 2007 Metropolis
Velvet Acid Christ Neuralblastoma 1998 OffBeat
Velvet Acid Christ Chirch Of Acid 1996 OffBeat
Velvet Acid Christ Between The Eyes v. 1 2000 Metropolis
Velvet Acid Christ Calling Ov The Dead 1998 Metropolis
Velvet Acid Christ Fun With Knives 1999 Metropolis
Velvet Acid Christ Hex Angel Utopia-Distopia 2003 Metropolis
Velvet Acid Christ Dial 8   Metropolis
Velvet Acid Christ Pretty Toy 2003 Metropolis
Velvet Acid Christ Decypher 1999 Metropolis
Velvet Acid Christ Twisted Thought Generator 2000 Metropolis
VNV Nation Future Perfect 2002 Dependent
VNV Nation Past Perfect (2DVD) 2004 Anachron
X-Rx Activate the Machines 2012 Pro-Noize
X-Rx Update 3.0 2010 Pro-Noize
X-Rx Unmöglich Erregend 2007 Pro-Noize
X-Fusion What Remains is Black 2013 Scanner
X-Fusion Thorn in My Flesh (Limited) 2010 Scanner
X-Fusion Vast Abysm Metal + Inne Exile MCD 2008 Scanner
X-Fusion Beyond the Pale 2007 Scanner
X-Fusion Demons of Hate 2007 Scanner
X-Fusion Dial D for Demons 2003 Scanner
X-Fusion Rotten to The Core (3CDs) 2007 Dark Dimentions
X-Fusion Ultima Ratio + Beyond Reality (2CDs) 2009 Scanner
Xebox Mechanical Structures 2000 ProNoize
Xotox / Detune-X We are Deaf 2009 Rustblade
Xotox Schwanengesang (2 DCs) 2013 ProNoize
Xotox Eisenkiller 2012 ProNoize
Xotox Die Unruhe 2.0 2010 ProNoize
Xotox Die Unruhe 2004 ProNoize
Xotox In den Zehn Morgen 2008 ProNoize
Xotox Animal 2002 Badbeatz
Xotox Lichtlos 2003 ProNoize
Xotox [PSI] 2Cds 2005 ProNoize
Yeht Mae Transmitter    
Yeht Mae Anatomy    
Yelworc Collection 1988-94 (2CDs) 1995 CCP
Yelworc iColation 2007 Minuswelt
Yelworc Eclosion 2007 Minuswelt
Yelworc Trinity 2004 Minuswelt
White Zombie Devil Music Vol I: La Sexorcisto 1993 Geffen
White Zombie Astro-Creep: 2000 1995 Geffen
White Zombie Supersexy Swinging Sounds 1996 пираты
Winterkaelte Greenwar 2002 Hands
Winterkaelte Disturbance 2004 Hands
Winterkaelte Structures of Destruction 1996 Hands
Wilt Radio 1940 2002 Adnoiseam
Wumpscut Cannibal Anthem 2006 Beton Kopf Media
Wumpscut Jesus Antichristus - Die Liebe 2006 Beton Kopf Media
Wumpscut Siamese / Siamese Studies 2011 Beton Kopf Media
Wumpscut Fuckit 2010 Beton Kopf Media
Wumpscut Schaedling 2010 Beton Kopf Media
Wumpscut Liquid Soylent DCD 2004 Beton Kopf Media
Wumpscut Bonepeeler Limited DCD 2004 Metropolis
Wumpscut Wreath of Barbs Classic Remixes   Beton Kopf Media
Wumpscut Deliverance MCD 2001 Beton Kopf Media
Wumpscut Evoke (2CDs) 2005 Beton Kopf Media
Wumpscut Dried Blood   Nova Tekk
Wumpscut Embryodead 1997 Beton Kopf Media
Wumpscut The Mesner Tracks 1995 Beton Kopf Media
Wumpscut Bunkertor 7 2006 Beton Kopf Media
Wumpscut Young Evil Flesh 1999 Beton Kopf Media
Wumpscut Blutkind 2000 Beton Kopf Media
Zero Defects Non Recycleable   Zoth Ommog
Zero Defects Thoughtigraphic 1996 Zoth Ommog
The User Symphony for the dot matrix printers #2 2002 Staalplaat
The User Symphony for the dot matrix printers #1   Staalplaat
Сборник FRST vol. Two 2014 Basic Unit
Сборник FRST vol. One 2013 Basic Unit
Сборник Teknoir (2CDs) 1999 Hymen
Сборник Fourfold Symmetry (Kim Cascone/Andrey Kiritchenko/Andreas Berthling/Kotra) 2002 Nexsound
Сборник Fetish Soundtracks II 1997 Hypnobeat
Сборник Industrial Confusion III 1997 Cleopatra
Сборник Industrial Revolution (2CD) 1996 Cleopatra
Сборник Hard Target 1996 Cleopatra\Hard Rec.
Сборник An Industrial Tribute to AC/DC 1997 пираты
Сборник Industrial Armageddon (2CD)   Dress Records
Сборник The O Files (Click Click, New Mind, Numb, Individual Totem) 1998 OffBeat
Сборник The O Files (Forma Trade, Covenant, Klinik, Dementia Simplex) 1996 OffBeat
Сборник A Tribute to Skinny Puppy — Hymns of the Worlock 1998 Synthetic Symphony
Сборник A Tribute to Pink Floyd — A Saucerful of Pink (2CD) 1995 Cleopatra
Сборник Dark Seeds (The Sowing) 2000 Dark Seeds